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Oh boy.

I had dairy in tea recently thanks to Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim contest, which I am a total sucker for, and I am really attributing this weird mood I’ve been in to that. NO TO DAIRY.

I believe with my whole heart that I am meant to be a physician. I am meant to lead with kindness, knowledge, and compassion. I want to take care of other humans and be a source of inspiration like my doctors have been for me. But when studying for the MCAT, it can seem like a farfetched, unimaginable idea.

My brain does not understand physics. I’m teaching myself organic chemistry, and I haven’t even started biochemistry yet. But I’m scared. Everytime I sit down to tackle a chapter, I have to force myself to focus just on what I am doing. I can’t get overwhelmed with the vast amounts of knowledge that I don’t know  yet, or that I have yet to conquer.

I’m balancing this with working full time, remotely, which is actually difficult but I appreciate the flexibility that it affords me. I’m also trying to workout everyday as I know I always feel better mentally when I do. I’m also trying to loose weight before my wedding.

I’ve been feeling a urge to write, so here I am. I can’t really wrap my head around journaling, so I’m going to online journal. I think that’s a good warm up to an actual journal. It’ll get me in the habit of putting words down, or rather getting them out of my head.


Yesterday and today, specifically I have been dealing with an intense feeling of being overwhelmed. Have you had those days?

I was so paralyzed in my thoughts today, but was physically present and slowly checking things off my list. But boy was it mentally a struggle. I’m not sure what sparked this, but it was not a pleasant feeling. I’ve been grasping for something, that I have yet to identify. And it is really just frustrating me and I think it accumulated itself into a steady rush over the last few days.

I’m taking this feeling as a sign to slow down. I need to breathe more. I need to really clear my head and re-energize. Not sure how to do that, but it is something I am going to try to figure out in the next few weeks.

Testing Routines

Mornings are a hard time for me. Waking up is always a battle. Not so much physically, more mentally. There is a constant war in my mind telling me to continue to sleep or just rest. This is particularly true when I don’t have any work related commitments or deadlines in the morning. This is even more prevalent to me on the weekends, when there are typically no work commitments. What I’ve noticed over the past few weeks of observation is that these weekend mornings in particularly, really leave me feeling stuck, not motivated, and hyper unproductive.

Yesterday, I went the wonderful Susan Washington‘s Workshop at Yyoga. Something that really stuck out to me during the workshop and after during the debrief, was the importance of an evening routine. Now this was not the first time I’ve heard this. In fact I think I’ve event talk with Susan about this. But I’ve never really seriously considered a morning routine. So I’ve decided as a part of #5days5goals that I am doing on Instagram, I will commit to focusing more on my morning routine in hopes to create more energy and space in my life.

Here is what I am thinking for both my morning and evening routines:

Morning Routine

1. Green smoothie made.

2. Do not check on emails until after my smoothie is made.

3. Prevent, or limit snooze hits. (This will be a process, as I very consistently hit this button.)

4. Short journal check in-what do I was to feel today? What do I want to do?

Evening Routine

1. No eating after 9pm.

2. Brush, floss, and wash my face-solid me time for 5-10 minutes .

3. Electronic free zone in the bedroom.

4. Curbing my work time from what has been midnight or later to 10:30pm. (This will also be a process.)

5. Journal time-check in how am I feeling? What do I want? What do I need?

I will probably readjust these as I go, to make them more optimal. This is yet another one of my experiments of personal development. I love seeing how these little ideas seem to blossom and how they will eventually turn out. I will check in about this in the next month.

A Year of Intention

I’ve been thinking of writing a recap blog of 2014 but have not been hit with the inspiration or memory to do it to my satisfaction. Today, as I was putting the dishes away it dawned on me that I wanted 2015 to be my year of intention. By that, I mean I want to live on purpose. I want to do things on purpose. I don’t want to just be or just let things happen to me.

A lot of things have inspired me to pursue this. Top of mind was an Instagram post from Amy Chan that I saw. Amy has been someone I have admired online for quite a while. I have even had the opportunity to meet her in person! She is real. She is ambitious. She is kind. I love everything about her.

This post resonated with me because I feel as though I am constantly seeking. But I consciously want to strive for greatness and excellence in my pursuits.

A second thing that has spurred this round of inspiration is have read through the Desire Map in it’s entirety. I am currently working on the workbook to figure exactly how I want to feel. But as I work through this, I am carrying myself with my feelings in mind. How do I want to feel when I am doing something? This is very close to the top of my mind. Danielle LaPorte is also an awesome lady that I’ve followed online for a while. I’ve had the opportunity to hear her speak. Her words are true and I’m often hit with “hmm” moments when she posts her #truthbombs.

I love that these two powerful ladies are from Vancouver. I’ve met both of them in this beautiful city but first became aware of their presences through Twitter.

Short and sweet posts, seem to be where I am most comfortable. I haven’t gotten around to clarifying my goals for this year yet. But I will be sure to update my goal page here when I do, and hopefully will have more to say in a full blog post.

Itching to Write

Over the past few weeks I’ve been itching to put my thoughts down into words. It has been a notable time since I last wrote a blog but that has not been because I haven’t thought about it.

This past week I was hit with a massive cold. It really wasn’t much more than an head cold but boy did it zap all of my energy.  I had a few revelations during the last week that I would love to share with you here:

1. Health is so important

This is not new, but every time I get sick, this is the first thought that crosses my mind. I am so grateful to be healthy. Every time I get sick I vow to wash my hands more frequently and take better care of myself. Here is to another go at that constant battle.

2. I am addicted to my phone

This too is not a new revelation. But it really hit me, when I was sick and needed to just rest aka nap, I was scrolling throw Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Not really to serve any particular purpose. I really felt so disconnected from the world even though I’m so “connected”. That was the first time I felt that. It was really such a weird feeling.

This morning, I woke up with the thought of taking a break from social media and email on Sunday. Now, obviously today is a Sunday and I did not fulfill idea but it is something I think I am going to experiment with. Obviously being in PR, I need to be able to check work emails because crisis management might be needed, but I am going to take a more concerted effort moving forward to not spend aimless minutes, probably more realistically hours) scrolling through social media. Check in with me (during the week) to see how this going, starting next week! 🙂

3. Take care of yourself

Now, I am not one to not take care of myself. I sleep when I need to sleep. I know I cannot function optimally when I have not slept, and have never sacrificed this even as an undergraduate. Last week I went to a workshop at the Beyond Pink Conference, and it so obvious that I am an exception to this rule. It stuns me how many young women do not make this a priority in their lives. I’d also like to note that I am NOT at my optimal in this regard. I really need to focus on my nutrition and my fitness, more consistently. This was particularly evident to me as I laid sick on my couch for the majority of the week.

Regram from Tightclub

Regram from Tightclub

Now that I am feeling better, though not a 100% yet, I am excited to refocus on these points. It is always good to recharge your health and personal development.

Have a great start to your week.

Self Professed Introvert

There you have it. I’m putting into the world for all to know (if you didn’t already), I am an introvert. I thrive in one on one situations far more than I do in a big room full of people.

This last week, has been a bit tough being at home with no human interaction. I’ve noticed this before, but just a five minute conversation can be an enormous motivator to start my day.

Today, I met a dear friend for coffee, who will be moving across the country in a few weeks. This casual conversation was all I needed to spark my creativity and productivity. Also, a change of scenery from my apartment walls was also refreshing.

This week’s task is to get out more, in the physical sense. I don’t need to be flooded with stimuli, but a simple change of pace sure surged up my productivity today.

Putting it out there: this is going to be a productive week!

New Month, New Chapter of Life

September 2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life: the beginning of my first post university career search. Fall is one of my favourite seasons, I love sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, and boots. I also really enjoy the feeling of newness, excitement, and change that is in the air.

Blog 2

As my search for my next career opportunity in communication, social media, or public relations hits the ground running, I’ve come back to my blog to write out and share some of the short term goals I am working on:

1. One Gutsy Email Per Day

I did this probably about a year ago. My philosophy was that what was the worst that could happen? Either they say no or don’t respond. No love, no loss.

Blog 3

2. Better Posture

Having worked at a desk for the last three months, I’ve noticed the tightness in my shoulders and neck. I also worked right by a mirror so was able to notice how slouchy I was getting. So this month, I am focusing on keep my back straight and my shoulders back.

3. Beyonce-like Confidence

Confidence is something I’ve really notice that I’ve struggled with in the past year or so. It’s a little something that I hold in the back of my mind. This month, I am going to bring this to the forefront and really focus on increasing this area of my life.