Fitness Adventures

In the past two days I’ve taken two new classes for two different reasons. The first was with Cadence Vancouver, “Vancouver’s only spin studio”. They are having a charity ride tomorrow for the CKNW Orphan’s Fund, which I’ve signed up for. I took a class on Sunday to get familiar with the studio. It is tucked in, not visible from the street by Granville Island. It actually is really close to a YYoga studio. I got there a little early to sign in, just as the previous class was leaving. The girl at the front desk was friendly and had a little sign in chip waiting for me. She asked for my shoe size and gave me a pair of spin shoes. This was my first time wearing them. I felt professional.

The studio itself is a little small and very cramped. I chose a bike on the end by an entrance because I knew I would feel a little claustrophobic as the class filled. Another girl from the desk, helped me get accustomed to my bike and taught me how to clip in. She was really friendly and made me feel comfortable. The class was about 2/3 full. They turn off all the lights and have fans on the walls to help cool you down. I really liked the fans. The lights were kind of weird though. The instructor also told us that if we needed water, the second girl could grab us some. This happened a couple times throughout the class, which was an added perk.

All, in all it was a good class. It would be nice if the studio had a bit more space, but the speed of the class was good, and I got a good sweat on. I’m looking forward to my class tomorrow.

The second class was at Distrikt Movement. Look for this review in the next post!

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