Tight Club and Cadence

Hi everyone! This has been a great workout week. Have done something everyday so far! On Monday, it was a back to back to back day! First up was Tight Club at the Distrikt. I’ve followed Keighty and the Tight Club for a little bit both on Instagram and Twitter. She runs these cool looking in and outdoor fitness classes mostly using your body weight. I was super excited to see her come to North Van, so I could finally try one of her classes. And it definitely did not disappoint. I was super sweaty by the end of it and so sore the next day, which is rare for me. She uses a lot of basic exercises like lunges and burpees but the way she does it, makes it fun and the time flies by. She also uses a technique called Tabata where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, repeating that sequence for 4 different exercises twice for a total of 4 minutes. That was my first time doing Tabata and I really enjoyed it. I’m excited to do it again to see how much more I can accomplish in just 20 seconds. You can do anything for 20 seconds right?

That was followed by an impromptu yoga class at the Distrikt. Taught by Jenny, this class was just what I needed. A little challenging but not overly so. So good relaxing points also, which was needed after the Tight Club workout. I also popped by the Lululemon that night for a free yoga class. Nicole from the store was at the Distrikt last Friday and told me about the free classes and I thought I’d check it out. It was a packed class taking up the entire West Vancouver location. I was actually quite impressed how much floor space was, when all the merchandise was moved to the sides. The class was led by Jacqueline and focused on pushing our selves and building strength to reach our goals this year. It was actually quite fun. There were two points that could be improved, firstly it’d be nice if the store could add a dimmer to the lights. Retail lights and yoga are a bit much. Secondly, there was pop music playing on the store system while the teacher also played softer yoga music. The two did not go together and it would of been nice and more relaxing if they could have turned off the pop music.

Then on Tuesday I made it to Cadence for a spin class. I am really trying to take advantage of my month pass, as spin classes are actually a bit out of my price range and I want to get my money’s worth with this introductory price. It was a great class led by Jessy. Up tempo top 40 music, that I couldn’t help but jam to. If I was by myself I would of been singing! I was already sore from Tight Club the day before, and this kicked my butt into overdrive. It was great. I started spinning in the front which is good for a few reasons. Firstly, you are directly in front of the fan. You will appreciate this whenever you are in a spin class. Second, you can fully see the instructor and hear her. Which is helpful when she’s give quick instructions. I think I’m going to try to stick to the front or the very back to help ease my claustrophobia. Cadence has a great atmosphere for spinning. You get the feeling you are kind of in a road race in the set up. Turning off the lights is actually kind of cool and I love that you can get your water refilled. So appreciated especially when it is ice cold. The free fresh fruit after class is also an added bonus. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? I’d definitely recommend checking out Cadence. Great atmosphere. I hope they expand and open a location in North Vancouver. I would love to be a part of that community.

Until next time…

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