Driving Frustration

I woke up pretty sore today, not particularly sure why as I was at a conference yesterday (recap coming soon) and then went to the hockey game (holy brawls) and didn’t work out. So I decided it would be a good day to go to yoga. It was almost 11 by the time I got up, so I quickly logged onto the Yyoga app, which is amazing, to see if there was a hatha or restorative class happening. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one that worked with my schedule at my local studio. (On a side note, if you don’t have this app yet, download it! It is amazing and makes booking classes so easy!)

I took a look at the Yogapod schedule, another local studio and there was a 12pm hatha class. Perfect! Signed up for it. I decided to drive to the studio, although I could have walked, because I was going to head to the  mall directly after to pick up a birthday treat. Bad decision. I should have walked. I opted to drive for a few reasons, a) I had to go to my car to get my mat, b) it was bit chilly and I didn’t really want to walk outside if I didn’t have to c) parking is free around the studio and pretty easy on the weekend. So I parked, at the end of a street right by the parking pole sign, so it would be easy for me to reverse out. I was actually about 25 minutes early for the class, so I decided to stay in my car and surf on my phone till 11:45. Good thing I did. There was a parking space in front of me and an older gentleman and his wife decided to park there before heading to Sailor Hagers, a local pub.

Everything was absolutely fine and I was minding my own business catching up on Twitter, and he backs right into my car while parallel parking. I got out, stunned because the space was huge to park in and there was absolutely no reason he needed to reverse as far as he did. He gets out, well after I got out and says “I think I hit your car”. No kidding. I was sitting in it and felt you hit it. He was fine as I asked for his driver’s licence so I could collect his information. Now, I fully admit I DO NOT look at the front of my car. I told him this, and he accusingly asked me why I wouldn’t? Um well, I get into my car and drive, and I typically approach my car from the rear. He became really aggressive, swearing at me (for doing nothing but sitting in my stationary, parked car). He followed this by asking for my driver’s licence well after I had finished collecting his. His presumed wife, came out of the restaurant, as she had darted from the car to the restaurant in no time after he hit me. She came out raging because her husband was taking so long taking down my information but had all her anger directed at me.

I was so shaken up by this. I collected his information because I would file a report, even if I wouldn’t make a claim. I think that is totally fair and valid. I took a picture of my car and his and the SPACE in front of his. I felt so attacked, for doing nothing but being parked. He even accused me of trying to put a false claim through to ICBC, when if you know me, I am so honest and do things by the book. This comes from a deep seated violation in my past, that I cannot function properly if I do not do things properly. Such a personal attack, when he was the one completely in the wrong. I was really amped up after this and definitely regret responding to their rude accusations of no foundation. I told him to learn how to park, and he came right up to me. Terrifying.

This experience has raised two key thoughts to my consciousness. 1) People need to remember to take a breath and breathe. Remaining calm is so important in stressful situations. This is a lesson for myself and for the gentleman and is ignorant wife. 2) People need to a) learn how to drive and park and b) be retested every couple of year. Have you ever seen Canada’s Worst Driver? This is a reality show on Discovery that puts nominated individuals through a series of driving challenges. It is absolutely terrifying that these people have licenses. Watch just one episode of the show and you too will be shaking your head. I’m not sure how you can take a situation that was entirely your fault and blow it up to make it an attack on my character. This is totally something that I carry and need to better deal with. (read: STOP CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK). But really, people need to be retested. I am fearful of driving in public AND parking now because of this. I bet if I wasn’t in my car, I would not have found out that he had hit it.

/end rant.

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