A Series of Waves

I have been on a series of waves lately. I have found being on top of my diabetes to continue to be a challenge. I test and give myself insulin, and just find it is a constant battle and so repetitive. It scares me that I go through so many waves and these thoughts go through my head.

Yesterday, I attended the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Top 100 Leadership Summit and Luncheon. I will be writing a post about this directly for Networking in Vancouver, but one key point that is relevant for this post came from Lindsay Nahmiache from Jive Communications. She was the honoured as one of WXN’s Top 100, recognized as an emerging leader and was the moderator for the panel discussion. A question from the crowd inquired about advice about what to do when your inspiration fades. Lindsay suggested that quick snippets of what other people are doing, are good way to recharge and find that inspiration again. This resonated with me and really supported the feeling I get from after attending events like this. I always feel so recharged and ready to take on the world.

That question and Lindsay’s response were so meaningful. This also brings up a quote I read previously. It was something to the effects of “you don’t shower only once, why would you need inspiration only once?” Sometimes I need to just step back and remember that life is made up of waves. This metaphor really resonates with me. I just need to keep on moving forward with the waves or else I am just floating or drowning. Attending inspiring events definitely helps me continue trucking and reminds me that the world is full of possibilities!


This #truthbomb from Danielle Laporte also has been spinning in my head. It is encouraging that my feelings about wanting and needing to know where I am going with my career and my conscious thoughts to trust the universe aren’t entirely counteractive.

I hope this series of thoughts provides some insight to you. I find reading other people’s experiences so helpful in helping provide some insight to some of my own.

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