Update on Life

Good evening blogosphere!

It has been quite a few busy weeks. I went away to Brownie camp at the end of January with 21 of my Brownies and the weather was beautiful. We went at the end of February last year and it was a torrential downpour! So this time made for far better conditions! Camp is located on Sechelt where the sky is free from a lot of light pollution. This leads to beautiful nights of star sighting. Absolutely magical.

My diabetes was not very well controlled at camp. I was high essentially all weekend which left me feeling sluggish and does not jive well when dealing with 21 9 year old girls. I went to see my favourite dietician after getting back and she explained that it could of been the stress of being away with 21 young girls. I knew that could happen, but had never really paid attention to it in real life. An awesome observation as I am now taking better control of my diabetes.

I came back from camp and fell in to this terrible cold. I was absolutely stuck to my couch for nearly 5 full days. This wasn’t so bad with the Olympics on but boy did I feel dreadful! I don’t remember having been hit so hard by a cold in quite some time. In saying that, my running has fallen off the rails! This was a scary fact when West Van Run tweeted that the race was only 3 weeks away! Terrifying, actually. I’m looking forward to getting back out there to run, but first I need to be able to fully breathe out of my nose!

This quote really resonated with me, especially given this running situation, from Erin Biddlecombe. I think it is from her, but I can’t seem to find this image (I originally save it to my phone). Regardless, she is one inspiring lady so I advise following her! If this is your picture, please let me know and I will credit you accordingly! My most sincere apologies for not linking directly.


I’m going to keep working on my running and am excited to take part in my first 10km, although I might be off pace because of this slight hiccup. I can’t wait to cross that finish line and accomplish that goal! If you are feeling down, remember this quote and I hope it helps inspire you to keep going!

In othernews, I’m going to try to post more. Working on developing my writing portfolio, so please stay tuned!

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