Figuring it Out

Just over a week ago I asked Paulina Cameron out for a coffee chat. She is an amazing lady. I’ve been so inspired watching her over Twitter and her blog the past few years, and being able to see that she oozes inspiration in the way she carries herself.

We chatted over tea and chai, and she helped me start the ball rolling to figure out what I like and what I am good at. Image

This conversation has been replaying in my head over the past few weeks. One thing that I keep coming back to is how much I love watching sports. I’m passionate about cheering on my team in all sorts of events. I pick up the rules quickly for new sports and am able to learn player names very fast. I wonder if this will be a part of my career path. It is definitely something I enjoy doing.

Similarily, another possible career light bulb thought came from Matt Corker this week. Matt (also someone who I admire) recently posted on taking out the grind in your everyday life. He poised the question why do things have to be difficult? Things can be fulfilling, important and valuable while also being fun, easy and enjoyable. This sounds amazing. And is something I hope to be able to incorporate into my career. I am so determined to find out if this is possible. Why not enjoy what you do? Refreshing to see Matt post about this, and to see that it exists in real life.

My eyes and heart are open for what is possible. Hoping everyday that I am able to figure it out a little bit more.

Until next time…

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