Changing Mindset

Hello again.

I am so sorry for my inconsistency. I am consciously trying to focus on more consistent blogging!

A few thoughts that have been running through my head recently have been focused on choice. I feel that in this period of transition (between school programs and real life) that I have been under this deep fog or this raincloud that hovers over my head. I have always dealt with this, but it has really been magnified during this period of my life.

My thoughts in the last few days have been on choosing to be happy and productive. I have consciously tried to monitor my feelings as of late and have noticed that sometimes I just do not want to do things. This morning was a particular example when I woke up at 8am (purposely trying to be productive) and was not inclined to do anything work related. By 8:30 though, I was feeling more excited to go to my yoga class. I’m not sure what changed but I think being conscious of monitoring my feelings definitely played a role.


Now, I wouldn’t say I’m initially afraid of what could go wrong, but I feel like I need to focus on what could go right. Fear doesn’t drives me but rather this cloud that is hanging over me, just limits my motivation and drive. It has taken me a few months, but I hope coming to the realization that if I focus on monitoring and focusing my energy and feelings I will be able to reach for things that I’ve always been told are in front of me.

I’m hoping this little experiment of mine will pan out and help me get out of this ever present fog. Being mindful and importantly okay with the feelings I acknowledge will help me identify what is important to me and hopefully help me find what I want. Mindfulness is a topic that has come up in some of my psychology classes, but I have never really focused on it in my personal life. Hopefully these baby steps will help me be and present myself in a way that I want to be fully.


Now for some blog goals: I will consistently blog every Monday.


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