Personal Growth

I relearned a lesson I noted a few posts back about dedicating my time to things I enjoy doing, again recently.

I have a very good talent for finding projects that do not pay me. Now this has never been a problem, but this year has held several expensive costs, a lot of which came in during the month of April. This might help illustrate my passion for getting involved. and thinking about this, is making me start to realize and acknowledge that. I think I am really starting to value my time and know that I want to use my time in the most efficient and effective way possible.

2014-03-06 10.49.22

Last week I started an unpaid internship. Now, I went into it thinking it would be really exciting to see the action behind the scenes of a fairly well known blog. However, the unpaid nature of it, really quickly put a strain on me with my school tuition being due and an extra special levy on my apartment out of the blue all in the same week. I am so proud of myself for realizing the strain this was going to be putting on me and decided to step back from the position.

I had a weird feeling, and I think this is the first real example I can bring up where I listened to my gut.

This week marks the last week of freedom (read unemployment) before I head back to school to begin my PR certificate. I am really looking forward to having some more structure in my life! I can’t wait to see this next chapter unfold in my life.

In my blog I will do a bit of reflection on what I have learned over the last 4 months.

Until next time…

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