New Weekly Goals

One of my goals this year was to be more confident. Really, to rock Beyonce confidence.

I feel like as of late I really haven’t been staying attuned to this. However, I am going to try a little experiment this week, to be confident in all my interactions. I will be consciously thinking of this throughout the week and will check in with how it went next week.  I just sent an email and caught myself before I apologized for something I really didn’t need to apologize for.

Here’s to starting a new goal each week.

School is half way through. I am absolutely loving every moment and am excited to see where the world of PR will take me. I’m really excited to be working on developing my writing skills and learning how to create different types of writing including press kits and opinion pieces.

This week’s goal at school is to stay positive and involved in class, while also preserving energy for after school networking events. My introverted strengths have really been prevalent the past three weeks. Learning to conserve some of this energy so I am able to present my best self is a new challenge I am setting for myself. I’m not sure how yet to best manage this, but I am excited to start concentrating on this.


Seeing as I’m having issues uploading a photo to include in this post, here is a link to an inspiring TED talk by Brene Brown. Perhaps it will spark some inspiration for your week ahead!


Until next time…

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