Self Realizations

The last week has posed several different challenges that have led to different self realizations that I am going to summarize.

Firstly, I am honest. A little direct and speak my mind clearly. It was pointed out to me that I perhaps need to filter a bit more last week. This is a drastic difference from where I was even just last year. I was far more timid and kept things very much to myself. I am now a bit more outspoken and will let you know how I am feeling. So, now I am working on a happy medium. Honesty will still be one of my most important values, but I will work more consciously to be aware of how that may be interpreted by other people.

ImageA second lesson I learned last week, is that I really value respect and communication. There was a complete disregard for respect in a project I was involved in and I was really unsure how to proceed. My communication was not the strongest in parts of this instance. But I was completing my job in this project very well, actively engaging when opportunities were presented. I was actively sharing content under organization restraints. But it came to a point where the complete disregard for respect pushed me over my edge. I walked away and I am proud of myself for this. I was not at all impressed with this situation but I am glad I walked away. Freeing up more of my time for other projects. 

This brings up another issue. It is really important to be aware of how other people are interpreting how you present yourself. This is where strong communication skills are key. This question often comes up in interviews about how you deal with stressful situations. I always fall back on strong communication skills. The importance of this has been even more prevalent in the last week. I am consciously working on communicating better. Yes, I am honest, but I need to focus more on communicating what is going on with the people I am working with. 

This is has led itself to some new goals this week:

1. Filtered honesty
2. Better communication
3. Confidence 


Wish me luck in the flow of self discovery!


Until next time…

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