Working on My Fitness

So I am back on the bandwagon! A week or so ago, I partook in a photoshoot for some team photos and headshots and I was stunned to see the photos. It was really quite shocking. I had fallen hard off the wagon.

In any fashion I’m kind of going day by day, but I’ve decided to do at least one active thing per day for the month of July. In that I will also be able to provide some reviews of the fitness classes I take part on. This challenge officially started on July 2. So far I am 5 for 5!

Classes have been booked for the week coming up and I hope to get some runs in as well. I’m running a half marathon at the end of August and I really need to get my stamina up. Running has always been an easy access to fitness for me but I’ve recently hit a wall. I am really not feeling inspired to run. So I’m slowing down a bit and really starting my fitness off with some group classes. Hoping this with inspire me to hit the pavement or trails again soon.

Just a short update, but a post committing to my more consistent writing!

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