Self Professed Introvert

There you have it. I’m putting into the world for all to know (if you didn’t already), I am an introvert. I thrive in one on one situations far more than I do in a big room full of people.

This last week, has been a bit tough being at home with no human interaction. I’ve noticed this before, but just a five minute conversation can be an enormous motivator to start my day.

Today, I met a dear friend for coffee, who will be moving across the country in a few weeks. This casual conversation was all I needed to spark my creativity and productivity. Also, a change of scenery from my apartment walls was also refreshing.

This week’s task is to get out more, in the physical sense. I don’t need to be flooded with stimuli, but a simple change of pace sure surged up my productivity today.

Putting it out there: this is going to be a productive week!

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