Testing Routines

Mornings are a hard time for me. Waking up is always a battle. Not so much physically, more mentally. There is a constant war in my mind telling me to continue to sleep or just rest. This is particularly true when I don’t have any work related commitments or deadlines in the morning. This is even more prevalent to me on the weekends, when there are typically no work commitments. What I’ve noticed over the past few weeks of observation is that these weekend mornings in particularly, really leave me feeling stuck, not motivated, and hyper unproductive.

Yesterday, I went the wonderful Susan Washington‘s Workshop at Yyoga. Something that really stuck out to me during the workshop and after during the debrief, was the importance of an evening routine. Now this was not the first time I’ve heard this. In fact I think I’ve event talk with Susan about this. But I’ve never really seriously considered a morning routine. So I’ve decided as a part of #5days5goals that I am doing on Instagram, I will commit to focusing more on my morning routine in hopes to create more energy and space in my life.

Here is what I am thinking for both my morning and evening routines:

Morning Routine

1. Green smoothie made.

2. Do not check on emails until after my smoothie is made.

3. Prevent, or limit snooze hits. (This will be a process, as I very consistently hit this button.)

4. Short journal check in-what do I was to feel today? What do I want to do?

Evening Routine

1. No eating after 9pm.

2. Brush, floss, and wash my face-solid me time for 5-10 minutes .

3. Electronic free zone in the bedroom.

4. Curbing my work time from what has been midnight or later to 10:30pm. (This will also be a process.)

5. Journal time-check in how am I feeling? What do I want? What do I need?

I will probably readjust these as I go, to make them more optimal. This is yet another one of my experiments of personal development. I love seeing how these little ideas seem to blossom and how they will eventually turn out. I will check in about this in the next month.

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