Work, MCAT Study, Workout, Work

Oh boy.

I had dairy in tea recently thanks to Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim contest, which I am a total sucker for, and I am really attributing this weird mood I’ve been in to that. NO TO DAIRY.

I believe with my whole heart that I am meant to be a physician. I am meant to lead with kindness, knowledge, and compassion. I want to take care of other humans and be a source of inspiration like my doctors have been for me. But when studying for the MCAT, it can seem like a farfetched, unimaginable idea.

My brain does not understand physics. I’m teaching myself organic chemistry, and I haven’t even started biochemistry yet. But I’m scared. Everytime I sit down to tackle a chapter, I have to force myself to focus just on what I am doing. I can’t get overwhelmed with the vast amounts of knowledge that I don’t know  yet, or that I have yet to conquer.

I’m balancing this with working full time, remotely, which is actually difficult but I appreciate the flexibility that it affords me. I’m also trying to workout everyday as I know I always feel better mentally when I do. I’m also trying to loose weight before my wedding.

I’ve been feeling a urge to write, so here I am. I can’t really wrap my head around journaling, so I’m going to online journal. I think that’s a good warm up to an actual journal. It’ll get me in the habit of putting words down, or rather getting them out of my head.

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