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Portfolio Picture 2I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminology in June 2014. I also completed a 9 week PR Certificate program through SFU. I have a desire to work with people and make a meaningful difference. Currently on a mission of self discovery, health improvement, and travel adventures. I am writing the MCAT in May 2018, and will be applying for med school in 2019, for a 2020 intake.

Professionally, I am interested in social media and supporting women on their health journey. I am looking for opportunities to develop my skills and enhance my connections across the community. I will be moving to Montreal in March 2018, and will have a focus on building a strong community there.

I have vast experience in customer service having worked in retail since 2005. I’ve also had the opportunity to take on some amazing work terms. I’ve worked at the Canadian Space Agency and worked on Commander Chris Hadfield’s mission, at a non profit Dixon Transition Society helping women and children survive domestic violence, and with the BC Lions Football Club developing my event planning skills. I was an Online Managing Editor with Networking in Vancouver, learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress, managing a team of writers and marketing support, engaging with the community and forming connections. I interned with Blitz Media getting a glimpse into the PR world, before starting my program and interned with Talk Shop Media at the completion of my program. I am now on contract again with the Canadian Space Agency working on Dr. David Saint-Jacques’ mission.

Some of my past passion projects included doing social media for Footy for Food. The ability to connect across countries, oceans, and time zones amazes me. I love the instant ability to share content and create an engaging community. Secondly, I created a mentorship program for Young Women in Business. Creating an option for young women early on in their careers to connect with fellow amazing women, a few years ahead of them is such wonderful opportunity. Building these connections and foundation blocks for meaningful relationships definitely aligns with my vision. Right now I’m doing communications strategy including pr and social media for Zili Health. An amazing initiative to bring preventative healthcare to the forefront of women’s health in Canada.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter!

One thought on “More About Me

  1. Cameron Von St James says:

    Hi Steph! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you! I was wondering if you could email me at your earliest convenience at cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com 🙂 I greatly appreciate your time!!

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