Yesterday and today, specifically I have been dealing with an intense feeling of being overwhelmed. Have you had those days?

I was so paralyzed in my thoughts today, but was physically present and slowly checking things off my list. But boy was it mentally a struggle. I’m not sure what sparked this, but it was not a pleasant feeling. I’ve been grasping for something, that I have yet to identify. And it is really just frustrating me and I think it accumulated itself into a steady rush over the last few days.

I’m taking this feeling as a sign to slow down. I need to breathe more. I need to really clear my head and re-energize. Not sure how to do that, but it is something I am going to try to figure out in the next few weeks.

Self Professed Introvert

There you have it. I’m putting into the world for all to know (if you didn’t already), I am an introvert. I thrive in one on one situations far more than I do in a big room full of people.

This last week, has been a bit tough being at home with no human interaction. I’ve noticed this before, but just a five minute conversation can be an enormous motivator to start my day.

Today, I met a dear friend for coffee, who will be moving across the country in a few weeks. This casual conversation was all I needed to spark my creativity and productivity. Also, a change of scenery from my apartment walls was also refreshing.

This week’s task is to get out more, in the physical sense. I don’t need to be flooded with stimuli, but a simple change of pace sure surged up my productivity today.

Putting it out there: this is going to be a productive week!