10 Year Goals:

Career-I am mentoring young women coming up in university about the struggles I’ve been through in my career by October 2024.

-My paycheque sustains our mortgage payments and lifestyle by January 2024.

Health-I have great control over my diabetes with no side effects by January 2024.

-I run my 5th half marathon by August 2024.

Personal-I am married to my partner celebrating 16 years together by July 2024.

-I own a home with a kitchen that has a gorgeous window by December 2024.

5 Year Goals:

Career-I am in a career where I get to travel the world and meet all different kinds of people by December 2019.

-I have multiple sources of income including my own business by July 2019.

Health-I have great control over my diabetes with an A1C under 7.5-8 by January 2019.

I run 3 races each increasing in distance every year by June 2019.

Personal-I am married to my partner celebrating 12 years together by July 2019.

1 Year Goals:

Career-I take a course in entrepreneurship and learn the fundamentals of owning a business like writing a business plan by December 2014.

I find a social media focused position with opportunity for growth by December 2014 (I’ve found a PR focused position with social media components-completed in August 2014).

HealthMy A1C is under 9 by December 2014. July 2014, it is currently 8.7. New benchmark is now to hit under 8 by December 2014.  (completed December 2014 at 7.1)

I run a 10km race (completed March 2014 AND October 2014) and 1/2 marathon (completed August 2014) by September 2014.

Personal-I travel by myself overseas to better know myself so I am ready for marriage by January 2015, by December 2015.

My parents estates are settled and I no longer pay a lawyer to deal with them by December 2014 February 2015.

My apartment is paid off and I own it 100% by December 2014.  (COMPLETE DECEMBER 2014)

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