New Month, New Chapter of Life

September 2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life: the beginning of my first post university career search. Fall is one of my favourite seasons, I love sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, and boots. I also really enjoy the feeling of newness, excitement, and change that is in the air.

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As my search for my next career opportunity in communication, social media, or public relations hits the ground running, I’ve come back to my blog to write out and share some of the short term goals I am working on:

1. One Gutsy Email Per Day

I did this probably about a year ago. My philosophy was that what was the worst that could happen? Either they say no or don’t respond. No love, no loss.

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2. Better Posture

Having worked at a desk for the last three months, I’ve noticed the tightness in my shoulders and neck. I also worked right by a mirror so was able to notice how slouchy I was getting. So this month, I am focusing on keep my back straight and my shoulders back.

3. Beyonce-like Confidence

Confidence is something I’ve really notice that I’ve struggled with in the past year or so. It’s a little something that I hold in the back of my mind. This month, I am going to bring this to the forefront and really focus on increasing this area of my life.


Self Realizations

The last week has posed several different challenges that have led to different self realizations that I am going to summarize.

Firstly, I am honest. A little direct and speak my mind clearly. It was pointed out to me that I perhaps need to filter a bit more last week. This is a drastic difference from where I was even just last year. I was far more timid and kept things very much to myself. I am now a bit more outspoken and will let you know how I am feeling. So, now I am working on a happy medium. Honesty will still be one of my most important values, but I will work more consciously to be aware of how that may be interpreted by other people.

ImageA second lesson I learned last week, is that I really value respect and communication. There was a complete disregard for respect in a project I was involved in and I was really unsure how to proceed. My communication was not the strongest in parts of this instance. But I was completing my job in this project very well, actively engaging when opportunities were presented. I was actively sharing content under organization restraints. But it came to a point where the complete disregard for respect pushed me over my edge. I walked away and I am proud of myself for this. I was not at all impressed with this situation but I am glad I walked away. Freeing up more of my time for other projects. 

This brings up another issue. It is really important to be aware of how other people are interpreting how you present yourself. This is where strong communication skills are key. This question often comes up in interviews about how you deal with stressful situations. I always fall back on strong communication skills. The importance of this has been even more prevalent in the last week. I am consciously working on communicating better. Yes, I am honest, but I need to focus more on communicating what is going on with the people I am working with. 

This is has led itself to some new goals this week:

1. Filtered honesty
2. Better communication
3. Confidence 


Wish me luck in the flow of self discovery!


Until next time…

Shadows of Doubt

Last Wednesday was rough. I left my keys in my backpack, which I gave to my boyfriend’s sister, while I attended an event. I was locked outside for what probably was like 30 minutes. Stranded, with loads of homework to do, after an exhausting week of learning. Really not that bad looking back, but boy did I feel terrible that night.

I’ve noticed over the last few days that I’ve had shadows of doubt cast over me. I was feeling very confident last week that I had figured out a clue to my career path. But this week has been cast in a definite looming cloud.

Does this feather in the wind feeling ever go away? I’d love some solid clarity and maybe just a smidge of stability in my life.

Toughen up, kid. Right?

I am feeling super insecure and it’s scary. One of my goals this year was to really focus on my confidence. I am really struggling right now with this and I’m not entirely sure how to address it. Can you teach yourself to be confident? What if you are not just naturally confident?

I feel like this feeling comes in large tidal waves. I just feel off my surfboard under the power of this massive wave.

This is just a quick post as I try to climb back onto my surfboard, good thing it is attached to my ankle!


Until next time…

Neglectful Blogger

Holy moley! It has been a while. My apologies to all my new readers! I have been a neglectful blogger, although I have been super determined to consistently blog since starting. Here is a little update on what I have been up to.

Well first off, I’ve ran my first 10km race! In the snow, no less, in Vancouver! It was actually so amazing. I fell off a bit of the training bandwagon a few weeks before my run, but I was determined to complete the race and gave myself a time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I thought this would give me some breathing room. Waking up to the middle of a snow storm before my race, only added to my nerves. I was really scared going into it but once I started running the nerves melted away, similar to the snow. I actually surpassed my expectations finishing in a time of 1 hour 7 minutes and 44 seconds! Following that race, I’m now really looking forward to the Seawheeze Half Marathon in August. My nerves are also starting to really build! I’m also contemplating to sign up for another 10km in the meantime, will keep you updated if that happens.


On a separate note, I think I’ve started to really focus on my own personal happiness. I’ve been really in the area of trying to impress people and fit in this perfect little box. It has recently dawned on me that I want to be spending my time, enjoying the things I do. By trying to impress people and really caring about what they think, I am only hurting my own happiness. This point was also mentioned by Hillary Clinton recently, when she spoke in Vancouver and was originally pointed out to me by Jen Schaeffers  What really clued me in to this recently (again), was when I volunteered with the Vancouver Home and Garden Show. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get in the community and meet some new people. In reality, I really have no interest in home design or gardens. The conditions were not fantastic, having to stand on a concrete floor for 5 hours. I really didn’t think this would bother me, but boy was my back sore. Could definitely feel a compression in my lower back by the end of it.

But this was a great experience to show me that I want to spend my time volunteering for things I enjoy and that will contribute to my skill set. I’ve actually taken on a few volunteer projects, which I think fit perfectly with this goal. I’m really excited for all these opportunities and am really enjoying my time and ability to time manage so I can contribute significantly to all these projects. I really look forward to making connections and also developing my professional social media skill set with these projects.

I promise to try to blog once a week moving forward.

*image from DearLifeILoveYou on Instagram

New Challenges

I want to share with you two challenges I am embarking on. First, I follow Kristina Simmons on Twitter. Her feed is full of inspiration and this is exactly where I got this challenge from.


I’ve followed suit and have decided to try my hand at sending at least one challenging/gutsy email a week. I figure what is the worst that can happen? Either they say no, to whatever it is that I am asking or they ignore me? No harm, no foul. And why not put your foot out there? Might as well see what can happen!

Secondly, I am going to take real charge of my diabetes. I have been a diabetic for the last two decades and then some! That sounds crazy, but is absolutely true. And although I’ve been dealing with it for all that time, I need to really focus on this and start managing it better. That starts with more blood sugar testing and paying attention to the my carbohydrate intake and insulin needs. I’ve started to see the Diabetic Clinic at the West Vancouver Rec Centre, where you meet with a nurse and dietician. I’m learning to count carbs and how to relate that to the amount of insulin I need. This is something I had never really learned, because my Mom had gone through all the training as I was diagnosed as a child. So I’m stepping up to the plate and putting it out there into the world to know, I am taking charge of my diabetes!

Today, I’ve had two meals and have checked twice! Slow baby steps, but far better then where I was yesterday!

Until the next time…