Itching to Write

Over the past few weeks I’ve been itching to put my thoughts down into words. It has been a notable time since I last wrote a blog but that has not been because I haven’t thought about it.

This past week I was hit with a massive cold. It really wasn’t much more than an head cold but boy did it zap all of my energy. ¬†I had a few revelations during the last week that I would love to share with you here:

1. Health is so important

This is not new, but every time I get sick, this is the first thought that crosses my mind. I am so grateful to be healthy. Every time I get sick I vow to wash my hands more frequently and take better care of myself. Here is to another go at that constant battle.

2. I am addicted to my phone

This too is not a new revelation. But it really hit me, when I was sick and needed to just rest aka nap, I was scrolling throw Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Not really to serve any particular purpose. I really felt so disconnected from the world even though I’m so “connected”. That was the first time I felt that. It was really such a weird feeling.

This morning, I woke up with the thought of taking a break from social media and email on Sunday. Now, obviously today is a Sunday and I did not fulfill idea but it is something I think I am going to experiment with. Obviously being in PR, I need to be able to check work emails because crisis management might be needed, but I am going to take a more concerted effort moving forward to not spend aimless minutes, probably more realistically hours) scrolling through social media. Check in with me (during the week) to see how this going, starting next week! ūüôā

3. Take care of yourself

Now, I am not one to not take care of myself. I sleep when I need to sleep. I know I cannot function optimally when I have not slept, and have never sacrificed this even as an undergraduate. Last week I went to a workshop at the Beyond Pink Conference, and it so obvious that I am an exception to this rule. It stuns me how many young women do not make this a priority in their lives. I’d also like to note that I am NOT at my optimal in this regard. I really need to focus on my nutrition and my fitness, more consistently. This was particularly evident to me as I laid sick on my couch for the majority of the week.

Regram from Tightclub

Regram from Tightclub

Now that I am feeling better, though not a 100% yet, I am excited to refocus on these points. It is always good to recharge your health and personal development.

Have a great start to your week.

A Tale of Two Sides

I started my PR certificate! I am already so excited for where this is going to lead! So far we’ve learned about communication plans, Google Analytics, media kits and social media. My inner nerd is shining and I can’t wait to get started on our first two assignments. The class is absolutely wonderful. 18 other amazing people with a diverse array of experiences and awesome stories to tell. I was so wow’ed during our first round of introductions. These people are super impressive and the PR industry is definitely in for a treat! Get ready!

leadership quote

 Image from dearlifeiloveyou on Instagram
(if you are looking for any source of inspiration, this is the account to follow!)

The¬†experience of the last 4 months has really helped me define what I do and don’t like in the space of my career. Even so early on in the PR program, it is so fascinating to feel these realizations and being confident that, that is completely okay for me to feel. This is a glimpse into what I’ve thought about and learned over the last 4 months:

-social media (super evident to me in class this week)
-to listen to people’s STORIES
-exploring in all sense of the word
-creating fun & engaging content
-projects (I like the feeling of completing one thing and moving to the next)

I’m working on:
-speaking confidently
-finding the next skill I want to develop (InDesign anyone?)

I really dislike:
-repetitive tasks
-working remotely as the ONLY option
-not feeling connected to my work

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last 4 months is really that I need to be around people. Having the option to work remotely for the odd day or is really great. But I’m not sure I could do it long term. I’m really all about being efficient and find I am so much more so when I am stimulated with surroundings and conversations. It is interesting to see this written down and will be even better to look back upon, a few months into my career.

It is really exciting for me to say “into my career”. I am so excited by the prospects and for all the potential opportunities that lay in front of me. The structure that school has added back to my life was so needed. This kind of played into my realization of being more effective when surrounded by a stimulating environment.

Can’t wait to keep tracking my progress over the next 5-8 weeks!

Until next time…